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The growth of online video consumption is staggering. Nearly 100 million people in the U.S. consume over 1 billion videos online daily, and they watch more than half of those views are watched on smartphones. Today’s consumer has an unquenchable appetite for compelling video content, and 96 percent rely on video when making purchasing decisions online.

What’s your company’s video presence? Could it be better?

As a digital media innovator, Oregonian Marketing Solutions can tap into the massive local audience of through both in-story and in-river video ads. We can then amplify your impact by leveraging your video through our extended network and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Don’t have video? We’ve got that covered for you. Our video production team can help you cost-effectively develop new video or edit and repurpose your own existing assets to engage new customers with your marketing messages.

Woman cooking in front of camera. Video Marketing services by Oregonian Media Group.



Your videos appear as sponsored content in must-see positions within news feeds on index pages.


Your videos appear between paragraphs within news articles, where readers are most highly engaged.

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